AVC-IM200LW Digital Multimedia Podium


* Software Integrated Podium Software
*  View Angle 19inch wide ( Wide angle display Monitor)
*  Touch Technology Pen-touch technology based on Digitizer technology
*  Audio Integrated Amplifier
*  Power Consumption Up to 200W

Technical Specification:

• The software that you can install on a Windows, Linux or Mac computer and use to create applications.
Minimum hardware :
• Intel Pentium Dual core 1Ghz or faster processor
• 1G RAM
• USB 2.0 receptacle
i5, 4GB, 500GB, OS not inclusive (optional for Rs. 35000.00)
i3, 2GB, 500GB, OS not inclusive (optional for Rs. 28000.00)
Supported operating system
• Window 7, Windows Vista, XP, 2000 or Linux
Other requirement
• Administrator privileges
• Internet access
• Up-to-date antivirus utility

Infrared Touch Screen monitor 19inch
Monitor with electric lift system
Display Size: 19 inches (within diagonal)
Resolution: 1440×900
Screen ratio 16:9
Response time 8ms
Contrast 500
Brightness 300cd / m2
Viewing Angle 65/65 (U / D), 65/65 (L / R)

Built-in stereo amplifier & centra control system two in one
1, with digital control and power amplifier basic functions
One key on & off switch function of Projector, projector screen, computer and signal switch separatelly, Speaker voice control function, including increasing , reduce and mute the volume
2, “plug-and-play” function, integrated market common projector code, the device can be automatically selected code , match the projector, and act automatic connection function
3, integrated amplifier function
4, The application software is a touch button similar to the Tablet PC’S touch interface , contains functions: 1) the host computer shutdown function; 2) computer and the notebook video signal to select the input function; 3) projector switch function and the projector delayed shutdown set; 4) voice control function, including increasing , reduce and mute the volume; 5) MUC online upgrade function, user-friendly;
Podium Body
Sliding cover: Opening /Closing easily
Wheels: 4pcs, movable & lockable
Adjusting monitor Angle system: User can easily adjust the angle of monitor
Dimension:   850 mm ×850 mm × 1200 mm (depth× width × height )
Wireless microphone receiver
• Frequency range: 220MHz-270MHz
• Number of channels: two-channel
• Frequency response: 80Hz-12.5kHz
• Maximum modulation: ± 18kHz
• Frequency stability: ± 0.005%
• SNR:> 80dB
• Distortion: ≤ 0.5% (at 1kHz)
• Transmit Power: ≤ 10mW
• Receiver Power Supply: External DC 12V/300mA power adapter
• Transmitter power supply: 9V stack battery(TS-6310); 2 ordinary AA battery (TS-our 6310A)
• Output: independent and mixed automatically select
Built-in sound system (speakers) – 2pics
Power: 40 watts
Input voltage: 100V
Sensitivity: 90dB
Frequency range: 70HZ – 20KHZ
Foldable Gooseneck Mircophone
Polar pattern: cardioid
Frequency response: 150Hz~17KHz
Sensitivity(0dB=1V/1Pa, 1KHz): 46dB
Output Impedance: 200ohm Balanced
Weight(g): 200
Laptop interface Modules
VGA*1, USB *2, Sound in *1, sound out *1, power *1


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